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*Marita has performed at Carnegie Hall, two presidential inaugurals, released three Cds, The Road I Took To You, Gypsymoon and The Celtic Rose and toured at home and abroad. *She's been featured in People Magazine among others and garnered a wealth of attention though several projects for PBS. *This Midwestern Native is a true renaissance woman. *A guitarist, composer, poet, performer, author and resident indie Bohemian, Marita is a tightly wound tempest of musical non-conformity. Audiences love her.

 Upcoming: "Is It Too Late To Be Good Santa? to be featured in an upcoming movie, Christmas Crashers.

_ - A Tightly wound tempest of musical nonconformity!


New and Coming Soon: Instint Anceztors

Marita's hilarious romp through slightly recycled relatives.

From Sir Reginald Unseemly to Vendetta Snidely, the inventor of the left handed compliment, this new illustrated Family Album of retro relatives delivers the tainted family history you've always wanted.

Stay tuned for updates.

Marita is a freelance writer, as well, with many credits, including:

Harper/Collins * St. Mary's Press *The Illinois Times * Christianity and The Arts * Renaissance * Illinois Magazine * BodyPlanet Publishing and many more.