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  Welcome to the Official Website for Marita Brake. Know Everything ABOUT MARITA. FREE Downloads.  Marita has been a Featured artist at Carnegie Hall, played for two Presidential Inaugurals Performs throughout the United States and UK. Please sign the Guestbook (Don't miss the the Photo Gallery.)  We love hearing from 

"Marita Brake is a courageous and thought provoking singer."   -  Rosemarie Ashley, Positive Music Association

 "Here's to Peace, Grace and Beauty. The first we hope for, the second and third you got."  - Studs Terkel

"One To Keep Tabs On." Rock and Reel (Ireland)




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Song In Christmas Movie - April 6, 2018

Yes, My song "Is It Too Late To Be Good Santa?" will be featured in the upcoming movie, Christmas Crashers. Still in pre-production.

Easter Seals Video - January 16, 2016

2015 simple exploded with the arrival of a new Easter Seals Project. "Take Me As I Am" was written and produced by Marita. Uke tracks included.

LA Agent - December 12, 2014

My LA Agent, Mark, just signed one of my new songs to his roster. In showbiz speak that means he will be pitching it to various markets. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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