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Marita Brake: Photos

"Too Late To Be Good Santa? Cover/logo
Shaken Not Stirred logo
From Marita's New Book, Instint Anceztors
Bats in the Belfry
Performance in Sheridan, Wyoming
Marita in Concert, Mount Shasta, Ca.
I always loved this photo, taken by photographer, Tyson Joye.
Logo "Is It Too Late To Be Good, Santa?"
Ah!!!!! Malibu
Early career photo with my friend, Vinnie from Berwyn, Illinois
Early career publicity photo in my favorite pink blouse.
My First CD, The Road I Took To You, a PBS reissue
My second CD, Gypsymoon, dedicated to my maternal Grandmother, a Romanian Gypsy.
My Latest CD, The Celtic Rose, a haunting journey into my life.
My maternal Grandmother, the gypsy, on right.
My first ever PR shot.
My Dad's favorite picture of me in second grade. He carried this particular one around in his billfold till the day he died.
Wha!!! Me my first day in the world, Feb 18. Don't look too happy do I?