1. St. Valentine

From the recording St. Valentine


St. Valentine, you know that I, really am a friend of yours.
St. Valentine, you know that I'm looking for a love that's more,
than one special day of sad bouquets, last minute thoughts
bought on the way home from work.
St. Valentine, I realize that I have tried a variety of relationships
that didn't fit, then hit the proverbial fan.
But it would only take just one man. (who speaks to my soul)
Are there really happy endings?
Please tell me that you're sending that someone to me.
You may think I'm getting desperate. All I can say is, "yes, but"
it's for a real good cause, besides I still believe in Santa Claus.
I pray to you, on this day of special hearts and lovers sway,
to take my hand and lead me, find someone who will see me
for who I am.
Dear, dear, St. Valentine.